Hello fellow English-speaking friends, colleagues, and visitors!

As you may have already guessed, my website hasn’t been translated and won’t be for a long time yet.

The choice of language for a website, an article or a media is an uncommon struggle for English speakers, because English is predominant around the globe. Maybe not necessarily in the native languages spoken, but definitely in the second languages! During all my travels abroad, be it in Cuba, Germany or India, I’ve always managed to get what I wanted by communicating in English.

Why not translate everything then? Because it’s really painful to always do the work twice.

Why not just do it in the language of Shakespeare? Quite simply, because I’m more comfortable in French and the level of texts and reflections that I want to develop in the coming years should not be limited due to linguistic reasons.

Why not have a hybrid solution with several sites and/or have only parts of this current website translated? I thought about it for many months, domain names were bought, and I had even started the work. I decided to give up in the end, as it would have been a huge workload that ultimately would not have been of much use. I initially decided to put almost 100% of the content I create on a single website (this one) and in French, unlike my LinkedIn for example, which is only in English.

However, in fall of 2021, I launched Savard.Work from a desire to have a specialized platform that would allow me to vulgarize my knowledge and experiences in the field of electronic sports, in addition to advancing certain debates on video games in a scientifically rigorous manner. It’s now my professional website and everything is bilingual.

I warmly welcome all of you and feel free to comment in English on the publications if you wish.

Enjoy your visit!

Sincerely yours,
François Savard, alias Leonin